Gold and Blue Macaw parrots now for new homes

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Her name is Lizzy. I know she is a female as she has laid unfertilized eggs in the past.

She is very talkative, she does lots of tricks.

$550 with Cage

Text us at (704) 471-8721

There is a lot you must know about Parrots before adopting!

1.) no candles/ strong scents/ perfumes/ bleach and other strong cleaning products in your home. Their respatory system can not handle it, she would die!

2.) NO Teflon (pots, pans, crockpots) cooking with these will cause her to die!

3.) Her diet is super important, fresh fruits, veggies, with a little bit of seeds and nuts. I can give a lot more details on this.

4.) They live to be 80-100 years old. So you need a plan for whom will take over care which should be put in your will.

She has been part of my magic show for the past few years and she is ready to retire and be in a fantastic home.

I will be very selective of the Rehoming process.Text for more information

Contact Person Name Gomez
Phone Number (704) 471-8721