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“Kokusai Express Moving – Moving service Japan
We are a Japan logistics company offering different kinds of services for companies. Besides this, as moving service Japan, we also conduct relocations for civilians. And regardless of what kind of services we provide- serving companies or individuals, we take care of cost-effectiveness very much. Together with cost-effectiveness, our goal is providing top quality services. We claim that no Japan logistics company can claim to be better than us. Offering more quality services. Kokusai Express Moving employs only the best of the best candidates to serve our clients. This is why our moving service Japan is recommended by almost every our client. Having this kind of reputation, we are not flattered. On the contrary. We feel even stronger obligation to be a Japan logistics company representing our country among other logistics companies around the world. Being both- moving service Japan and a Japan logistics company, we are beholden to offer top-class services, keeping our prices low enough. ”

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